"Reema is a great teacher and a wonderful person. When I learned about her drawing classes, I had gone over to check things out with some skepticism, as usually classes conducted in homes do not reach a certain level of professionalism and discipline required for children to progress substantially. But when she described how she conducts her classes, and I saw that she actually had a step by step curriculum planned out for each level of learning, I was immediately impressed. Since then, my son has been her student, and has learned a lot in the past months. And the great thing is, he enjoys his class! Besides being a very good teacher, Reema is a wonderful artist herself.Her work is in various mediums, from sketches to pastels to oil, and whatever I've seen has been simply gorgeous. You have to see it to believe it! I wish her good luck in her future endeavors, and would definitely recommend her classes to all interested parents without a moments hesitation." - Ritu

"Hi Reema,
Kids are really enjoying the classes and happy with the projects. You are a great teacher..." - Meeta

"Dear Reema, My daughter has learned a lot from your art class and had shown the progress by drawing by herself." - Eshwari

"Both our kids like the teaching style of Reema Sachar. Initially we were unsure but now they are eager to go to art class every week and feel that every one of her teaching sessions is 'fun' (in their own words). They feel that the teacher answers everyone of their questions sufficiently and provides additional tips as well. They like the creative time provided to them at the end too. I would recommend Kriya Art Classes to all those interested in true learning." - Viroopax Mirji

"Reema encourages the children to do their best and is very patient. The kids seem to enjoy her classes and look forward to it." - Madhu